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True Communications: Why Are People Like That? Part 2

(Prerequisite: Why Are People Like That?)

Did you know that just making a simple gesture or facial expression can send a variety of messages? While some individuals are incredibly expressive, others may tend to be more reserved in emotion or animation. Then there are some people who take a while to warm up, but others may be straight shooters, wanting to get directly to the point.Let The Personality Professional Share Her Insight!

Tamela knows the common communication patterns of each personality style and can help you recognize the value of different approaches. Through True Communications, Tamela applies the advanced fundamentals of True Colors®.

Communication is more than just the words we speak. Understanding the distinctive ways in which different personalities approach communication is a key ingredient to success at home and work and in life.

Through True Communications, you will learn how to:
    • Identify...
Pause and Pay Attention
    • Clarify...
Look for the Intention
    • Modify...
Be Prepared to Adapt
    • Verify...
Take Sure You’re on Track
    • Apply...
Take Action for Success   

By learning these principles, you’ll be able to reduce friction and increase your personal effectiveness by expressing yourself and listening to others in ways that bring out the best in everyone!
• Major Corporations
    • Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Educators, Administrators and Entire School Districts
Colleges & Universities
Governmental Agencies
Nonprofit Organizations
Women’s Groups

 Let Tamela Customize True Communications to Fit Your Schedule!
• Workshops: 2 hours, half and full day sessions

• Why Are People Like That?