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Teambuilding: Why Are People Like That? for Work Teams

(Prerequisite: Why Are People Like That?)
Everyone has a unique spectrum of True Colors® that influences everything that he or she does. In this advanced application, Teambuilding, you will apply the True Colors system to understand your coworkers’ habits, motivation, stress triggers and more.

Tamela will teach the seven essential elements for building successful teams, so you’ll keep both your own and your co-workers’ True Colors in mind when dealing with them. This will allow you to:
Improve communications and gain more cooperation
   • Reduce misunderstandings, conflicts and similar stumbling blocks
Create a work environment that allows for mutual respect and applies each teammate’s individual strengths 

Through Teambuilding, you will work more effectively with your “true” teammates and create a work environment that truly plays to their strengths.    

TEAMBUILDING is Ideal for...
Major Corporations
Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
Educators, Administrators and Entire School Districts
Colleges & Universities
    • Governmental Agencies
Nonprofit Organizations
Women’s Groups

Let Tamela Customize Teambuilding to Fit Your Schedule!
• Workshops: 2 hours, half and full day sessions

• Why Are People Like That?